All Night Long - The Conqueror

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All Night Long


Part Three - The Conqueror

They walked through to the bedroom together, hand in hand. Haldir stopped beside a nearby chair en route to the bed to retrieve something from amongst his neatly folded clothes. One item was placed on the low table beside the bed, the other he held out for Elrond’s inspection, a wicked little smile playing across his lips.

Elrond stared at the outstretched palm in an unsettling mixture of nervousness and excitement. Nestled in Haldir's grasp was a length of gray Elven rope.

“You might find this quite liberating, my lord,” he said softly. “You will be more likely to enjoy what I have to offer if you are not tempted to make your own contribution. The choice is yours, I leave it to you.”

Haldir waited patiently for him to make one of the pivotal decisions of their evening, being careful to in no way give the appearance of rushing him. This was something the elf lord had to decide alone. After long moments Elrond looked up, studied Haldir’s face and finally gave a quick, wordless nod, followed with a look of deep uncertainty. Haldir took his hand again and, smiling, led him to the bed.

Haldir seated them on the edge of the bed and for a few minutes simply held Elrond to him, stroking him, brushing his hair away from his face with tender, caressing hands, tracing the lines of his lips and cheekbones with wondering fingers.

“So beautiful”, he whispered to him. “So perfect, just as I have always dreamed you.”

Releasing Elrond, he proceeded to carefully bind his hands, placing soft kisses on the insides of his wrists and across his palms before gently pushing him back to lie down and then carefully and firmly attaching the rope to the ornate headboard.

When he was finally ready, he looked down at Elrond, meeting his still terribly uncertain gaze with a smile, and said quietly “What I am about to tell you is very important and no matter what happens from here onwards between us, you must not forget this.”

He took a tress of dark hair between his fingers and twirled it softly before giving it a gentle tug.” There is nothing for you to fear here tonight, my lord,” Another tug. “ The only thing you will find in this room tonight,” tug “ is passion.” Then, tangling his hand in the soft, wonderful mass of hair, Haldir leaned forward and reclaimed Elrond’s mouth.

He sucked hungrily on his bottom lip, lavishing attention upon it with his lips and teeth, nipping at it, drawing it greedily into his own mouth. When he had finished, his tongue traced the outline of Elrond's lips, asking for entrance, which he was given at once. Diving into the warmth Haldir’s tongue embarked on a full, leisurely exploration. When he was finally forced to break off the kiss so that they could both breathe, Elrond's mouth was kiss swollen, his lips parted, and gasping for air.

Haldir knelt back on his heels, straddling Elrond and looked down into his eyes gravely. Satisfied with what he found there, he settled forward onto his knees and began running just the tips of his fingers in a slow, fiery trail down Elrond’s body. He started at that long, elegant throat, brushing over his shoulders, and went next to his chest, pausing to sharply flick the already swollen nipples, making him yelp softly. He then continued down over his stomach, drawing light circles as he did so, smiling to himself and following an invisible path, he stroked carefully down the outsides of his hips. His fingers went to Elrond's thighs; once again avoiding the one place Elrond would have given all he had at that moment to have attended to.

Haldir merely shook his head at the whimper of desire and said softly "We have other matters to attend to first, my lord."

Elrond groaned as Haldir ignored his erection yet again, and moved to sit beside him with his legs curled under him. Slowly he reached out and lifted one of Elrond’s feet and began to trail soft licking kisses up the side and across the toes. He paused to place a bite neatly on the inside of the ankle, and then carefully working his way up the inside of the leg, licking as he went. He flicked his tongue over the kneecap before going on to explore the untouched tender flesh of the inner thigh.

Haldir was no longer licking at this point, instead he was sucking, swiftly increasing the pressure, applying his teeth until he was biting an agonizingly pleasurable line up towards the place where leg joined trunk, draping Elrond’s shapely leg over his shoulder as he moved forward. He reached out a hand to draw the other leg up round his waist. Finally he knelt over Elrond, looking down into his lust darkened eyes and slowly and deliberately rested his own steel hard erection against his cleft that was now fully exposed, pressing firmly.

Haldir himself was breathing heavily by now, a gleam of sweat upon his skin but he nonetheless managed to draw a deep, steadying breath before saying on the ghost of a laugh, "But first, my lord, please forgive my selfishness. I believe there was something you were attempting to bring to my attention?"

Without waiting for a response, Haldir reached down to close his hand around Elrond's erection. A loud groan escaped Elrond's lips and he strained against his bonds, thrusting upwards in an attempt to gain friction against his aching member.

With his other hand, Haldir pressed a finger against Elrond's mouth, stroking it roughly across his lips, laughing softly. "Hush and be quiet, my lord.” he murmured, “We would not want to attract an audience, concerned, perhaps, for your safety, now would we?"

When Elrond shook his head in agreement, Haldir returned to his task. After having been teased mercilessly, the shaft under his hand was a dark red and the head purple. Remembering to squeeze the base, to make certain Elrond did not release too soon. Haldir ran his fingers delicately over the velvety skin.

Elrond by this stage was tossing his head from side to side, his hair a shimmering tangle, his body writhing against the sheets. Tightening his legs around Haldir, trying to gain some kind of purchase to assist the rocking motion of his hips, he began to chant softly "Do it, do it, oh, please do it!"

Haldir looked up, raising an eyebrow. "Tell me my lord, what exactly it is that you would like me to do? I need you to explain your needs more clearly.” He smiled encouragingly. “It is the only way that I can be certain to avoid disappointing you."

"Please, your hand, your mouth...ANYTHING!" Elrond cried out, squirming against Haldir's hand, which had stopped moving as soon as he began speaking.

"I'm afraid I need you to be clearer than that, my lord." Haldir said, clearly enjoyed the reactions of the writhing body beneath his. “What was that, about my hand, my mouth?”

Elrond was desperate. "Your mouth, I want to feel your mouth. I want you to take my cock in your mouth."

He cried out softly as the hand was removed and he whimpered instinctively at the loss. He watched as Haldir leaned back, spreading his legs wide and kneeling between them. He saw the silver head go down, and pushed up instinctively but to his distress it did not immediately address the inferno raging between his legs. Instead the wet tongue swiped at his inner thighs once more and steadily moved up kissing and licking the area around his cock. Dark curls of hair were caught between strong teeth and tugged sharply, making him cry out.

Just when Elrond thought he would scream from the sheer sexual frustration alone, a warm, wet mouth engulfed him, the pure bliss causing him to heave forward against his bonds. His action put severe strain on the headboard, though not on the all but unbreakable Lorien rope.

Haldir, an elf of great experience, proceeded to put his talented mouth to good use, not simply swallowing and sucking as perhaps any other might have, but using tongue and teeth as he worked his way up and down the straining cock, stopping to take the swollen head between his lips and sucking vigorously, teasing the slit none too gently with the tip of his tongue.

Drawing back he licked roughly up and down the sensitive underside, before swooping down with wide open mouth to take in one half of the tight, throbbing sack, and rolling it in his mouth, then the other side, and finally back and up, swallowing the engorged cock deep into his throat, one hand still clamped at the base to prevent a too early conclusion to the main event.

Elrond screamed as Haldir deep-throated him, the muscles contracting around his cock driving him ever closer to the edge. He would have spilled by now if it weren't for the hand relentlessly squeezing the base of his erection, causing him to pulse and jerk, all to no avail.

He closed his eyes, feeling tears of pure frustration welling, every fiber of his being driven by the need to come but, as Haldir refused to allow it, he tried taking deep breaths, attempting to regain sufficient control to allow him to wait out his tormentor.

When Haldir was sure Elrond would not release, he carefully withdrew the clamping hand. He looked over at the nightstand on which the glass vial of oil stood, but decided against it. There was one more thing he wanted to do. He had an idea Elrond would not be complaining for long about the delay.

Elrond was lying almost still, his breath making harsh whimpering sounds in his throat, and his eyes shut tight. He still moved his head back and forth, and his body was tense, shivering with desire. Haldir paused to look at him for a moment, taking in the beautiful body, now marked with a multitude of kiss marks and reddened bites, the nipples dark and hard as stones, the engorged, trembling erection.
“Vala,” he breathed, almost completely undone by this wantonly erotic display before him. “Look at you. You were made to be used like this. You’re perfect...”

After this perusal, he slowly ducked his head down between the long, breathtaking legs, drawing them both round his neck, and with his hair falling forward over Elrond’s stomach and cock like a sudden waterfall of cool silk, and so quickly that he gave no warning; he spread Elrond open with his thumbs and thrust deeply into him with a stiffened, pointing tongue

Elrond, quite as Haldir had expected, shrieked.

Haldir needed a considerable amount of strength to hold the elf lord steady enough so that he could continue with what he was attempting to do, as Elrond bucked and twisted under him, moaning wildly.

He began to move his tongue now, in and out, back and forth, circling around the entrance wetly, in stroking motions He penetrated sharply once again, before removing it and biting a line of fire along the inner edge of the cleft, then moving his tongue within that space where soon - very soon - his own throbbing heat would be quenched.

By this time, both Haldir and Elrond were so hard it bordered on pain. With difficulty, Haldir managed to reach for the vial of oil waiting on the nightstand. Uncorking it, he drizzled the liquid on his fingers re-corking it and setting it beside him. Rubbing his fingers together to warm the oil, Haldir then traced a slick finger around the puckered entrance. After circling a few times, he sunk a finger deep within the warmth of Elrond. He groaned as loudly or more so than Elrond when the guardian muscle gave way and let the finger slide slowly in.

The warmth of the passage surrounding Haldir's finger was bliss. He thrust in and out, moving deeper and deeper, desperately wishing that it was his cock instead. Curling his finger, he swept inside the passage searching, then withdrew almost completely, added a little more oil -Elrond was almost unbelievably tight- and slowly began to now insert two fingers. He leaned back and watched them sink slowly into that place of velvet heat through eyes closed into slits, his face a mask of concentration. He knew he had found what he was searching for, when Elrond arched off the bed, screaming.

Not wanting Elrond to come this quickly, he carefully avoided that pleasure spot as he stretched Elrond's hot passage. When two fingers were moving easily, with Elrond vocalizing in the background, Haldir pulled the digits out again to recoat them. His movements were slow and deliberate, his eyes heavy lidded with lust, almost sleepy looking.

He oiled his fingers slowly, watching the writhing form before him, then leaned forward and said softly but very clearly. "My lord, I want you to watch me, watch what I am doing to you."

Elrond opened his eyes, dazed, and obediently lifted his head a little as Haldir began to work three fingers into his opening.

"Tell me what I am doing to you, my lord." Haldir said softly, "Describe what you see to me."

Elrond wet his lips before speaking.

"You are stretching me, splitting me open on your fingers. Your hand is gleaming with oil and I am open under your touch."

"Very good." Haldir stated, while touching the nub very gently as a reward. "How does it feel?"

"There is pain, a burning pain, but mixed in with it such intense pleasure. Oh so good…”

He stopped and lay gasping harshly for a moment as Haldir thrust the three fingers as deep as they could reach, pausing and glancing at him expectantly.

“I feel stretched, so stretched, almost beyond bearing,” Elrond resumed, in a husky, passion filled voice, “ but I know there is more to come."

"My lord, if you cry out until I give you permission to do so, please understands this will all stop." Haldir said moving the fingers in a soft curling motion

"Do you understand?" he repeated, looking to Elrond for confirmation.

Upon receiving it, he said softly "Good. Now tell me, my dear lord, how does this feel?" and he thrust sharply in and up, striking the little nub of tissue directly, again causing Elrond’s body to jerk almost clear of the bed. Somehow he managed to stifle the shriek on his lips, though there were tears on his cheeks. Haldir chuckled, and then said softly

"That was very good. I think now you are also seeing the wisdom of the rope. Perhaps another time we can see if you can stay still without its aid, but for the moment please try. I would hate for you to hurt yourself. Quiet now, remember."

Elrond's eyes rolled back in his head as Haldir touched it again. He bit his lip until it bled to keep himself from screaming, Haldir watching with a wicked grin as Elrond thrust violently up to meet his fingers, taking them even deeper into himself.

By now the three fingers Haldir had inserted were moving easily within his depths, and Elrond's mouth was opened in a silent plea which might have been “More”, when he was offered a brief respite from the almost overwhelming pleasure.

Haldir withdrew his fingers, causing Elrond to shake his head sharply, hissing and tightening the grip of his legs to try and persuade him to come back. Haldir just smiled sweetly, picking up the oil again.

"Patience, my lord, watch.” He said.

“You may speak now. I’d like you to tell me what I am doing again." And he took the oil, poured some into his hand and began to slowly, sensuously stroke it over his own rock hard member, groaning and shuddering at the touch of his own hand.

"What am I doing," he asked Elrond in a shaking voice.

Elrond was momentarily struck speechless at the erotic sight of Haldir’s hand gliding smoothly up and down his member, leaving it gleaming with oil.

"What am I doing?" Haldir repeated, trying to keep his strokes slow and even.

"Coating yourself with oil." Elrond managed to get out. He was quite surprised that he could speak at all, what with the aching between his legs and the sight before him.

"What part of myself am I coating with oil? You need to be clearer than that remember." Haldir was also finding it very hard to speak.

Elrond answered in a voice that was suddenly very soft and a little thick.

"You are coating your shaft with oil. You are stroking your hand up and down it to do so, it is shining with oil, it is big and hard and the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. I want it inside of me - now, please Haldir, it's enough now for us both please, just fuck me, any way you want, any position you want, as hard as you want, as long as you want - just please, Haldir, please Haldir, I need you to fuck me, just put it inside me NOW or I will come just from watching you doing that, PLEASE!"

His voice had been rising steadily as he was speaking till finally he was shouting.

This was the end for Haldir for he could stand no more. He had seduced, teased, taunted, pleased, using every bit of his skill, experience and imagination, and now his superb control was finally slipping. Here before him lay the elf of his dreams, begging for his attention, already prepared and very ready.

With a low growl, Haldir took himself in hand and slowly guided his cock to the entrance which was open and pink around the edges where he had stretched the puckered opening. He pushed against the guardian muscles and as Elrond was already thoroughly prepared, it easily gave way, and Haldir entered him at last. He groaned as he slowly pushed deeper into the warm tightness surrounding his cock then thrust the rest of the way in with one fluid motion, burying himself to the hilt, while Elrond made a low, primal sound deep in his throat.

Fully sheathed he looked down at the elf beneath him and gasped.

"Your choice, like this or on your hands and knees?"

Elrond growled in a combination of frustration and unbearable pleasure. After all that torture, he was now expected to make choices? He said the first thing to come to mind.

"On my hands and knees."

Haldir actually groaned out loud, his mind painting the picture for him. However he then realized that this would require him to not only untie Elrond, which would waste time, but also that he would have to pull out of him to be able to position him.

Haldir closed his eyes and thought for a moment then said softly

"Yes, we can do that, of course, if you really wish it. Or perhaps you would prefer...”

He moved up Elrond’s body like a snake, leaving a line of bites in his wake, quickly and expertly untying the rope from the headboard, though not from his hands, and with surprising strength and control, still managing to stay firmly sheathed deeply within him, turned them so that Elrond was now sitting astride him, impaled upon him.

"This." Haldir finished

Elrond threw his head back and screamed as the movement forced Haldir's cock deeper into him, pressing it unmercifully against his pleasure nub, causing his cock to twitch and the most indescribable sensations to streak through him. Hurriedly Haldir reached for his member, again brutally squeezing at the base.

"We wouldn't want you to come too soon now would we?" he whispered.

Elrond nodded numbly, tears of sexual pleasure and frustration glistening on his cheeks and leaned forward to rest his hands on Haldir's chest. Haldir forced himself to take the time to quickly unfasten the rope, giving the slightly reddened skin of the wrists a quick rub then said softly,

“We need to stop for a minute because I want you to do something for me.” To Elrond’s look of disbelieving enquiry, he managed a strained smile. “The oil phial on the bed beside you. Open it and pass it to me, please, my lord.”

When Elrond silently complied, he took it and poured the remaining oil into the palm of his hand. Rubbing his hands lightly together, he reached up and began to run them over Elrond’s chest and down to his stomach and back up, his roughened hands gliding over the smooth flesh, scraping the peaked nipples, making Elrond close his eyes again and moan inarticulately.

Starting slowly at first, Haldir began thrusting up into the tight, hot and slick warmth surrounding his member. Elrond began moving with him, making whimpering sounds in his throat. Then, after a few thrusts, raising his knees, Haldir almost whispered,

"Now it is your turn to work, you are going to ride me. You set the pace and you take us there. Lean back a little, grasp my legs for support if you need to, and ride me."

Elrond did as instructed, bracing himself against Haldir's legs. He discovered, as the far more experienced elf had realized, that this immediately brought Haldir’s cock into full contact with his prostate. He lifted himself up from Haldir until only the swollen head remained within him, slamming back down, burying Haldir to the hilt again. He cried out as once more his nub was brutally assaulted and repeated the action, and all the while Haldir’s oil-slicked hands roamed over him, heating his skin to fever pitch.

"Slowly," whispered Haldir, his voice harsh from desire, "Do it slowly. Move around. Find the angle that gives you the most pleasure, just slowly. "

He was panting softly as he spoke. The careful control he had been exerting had left him heated to a pitch he had never before experienced with any other partner. Save for his ever busy hands, he lay as still as he could, his eyes almost closed as Elrond moved on top of him, as he moved within Elrond, their bodies fused in heat and desire,

Elrond settled to a rhythm of lifting himself almost clear of Haldir’s cock and then back down, each time just brushing his pleasure center though not stimulating it sufficiently to cause him to finally spend. At some level he was aware that the longer it could be made to last the better, no matter the cost. He rode the powerfully built blonde with his head back and his arms reaching behind to bruise Haldir’s legs. His grunts of pleasure increasing in intensity as with each thrust he caused Haldir to delve deeper within him. Haldir lay, hands resting for a moment on Elrond’s thighs, eyes open now, taking in the sight above him.

Elrond had his back arched, head flung back, eyes half closed, hair whipping from side to side, a silken, tangled mass covering his shoulders and chest, obscuring part of his face. His body, gleaming softly in the candle light from the oil, was marked with the results of the night's pleasure, his muscles were clenched, every line defined, he had wrapped his legs half under Haldir and was somehow gripping him as he rode, now increasing the pace, faster, faster, and the low growling sounds he was making in the back of his throat getting louder, wilder, building for what Haldir knew was going to be a truly impressive scream.

Before he had the chance to unleash the building scream, Haldir grasped him firmly and turned him onto his back. He drove into the body writhing beneath him with a passion that overwhelmed even him. He thrust brutally, in and out, in the desperate pursuit of pleasure. As he felt the end rushing down on him, he wrapped his palm around Elrond's cock, stroking firmly, once, twice and a third time.

Elrond screamed as the hand tugged on his cock and finally could hold back no more and spilled copious amounts of seed over Haldir's hand, while arching his back, digging his fingers into the shoulders he had been almost unconsciously gripping and crying "HALDIR! Oh Vala...yes...YES!” at the top of his lungs.

Haldir slowed for a moment, changing position, leaning forward, his weight on his arms, his hands on either side of Elrond’s face. Elrond, gasping for breath, opened his eyes to find himself staring into a pair of blue eyes so dark they were almost black. Those eyes held his as Haldir began to move again, deeper, harder, faster, until he was pounding into him deeper than any other ever had before.

"Mine." Haldir hissed.

"Mine." He moved his hands down, gripping Elrond's ass fiercely, and never breaking eye contact.

"Mine - you are mine, Elrond. Elrond!!!"

He gave one final thrust, their bodies slamming together and held absolutely still, his muscles locked, his head back, and his mouth twisted in passion.

Then, very slowly, he collapsed forward onto Elrond, shuddering, and finally lay still. After a moment he moved to bring one shaking hand up and place it against Elrond’s cheek.

"Mine" he breathed.


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