Just Before The Dawn

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Just Before The Dawn


Glorfindel was dreaming. There was a big golden meadow, long grass waving in the wind, and he was chasing after Erestor, who was quite fetchingly clad in a simple, white shift, the ends of the cloth skimming his thighs, rising delightfully, and tightening around a firm, round ass with each loping step. He could feel the sunshine warm on his face, the exhilaration of the chase, the tightness in his groin at the sight before him.

It drove him to increase his speed with a burst of energy, tackling Erestor to the ground, the earth firm and warm beneath them, grass providing a measure of cushioning from their fall. He met Erestor’s laughing, amber eyes and his hands finally got to touch him, the elf who had been taunting him all through the chase.  

He grabbed hold of the diaphanous cloth, sliding it up higher as he looked down eagerly. He was inches away from seeing dusky, velvety heaven when suddenly it all disappeared, golden meadow, entrancing nymph, warm sunshine, everything. 

Glorfindel awoke with a grunt, dream sadly lost. He sat up in bed carefully, trying not to disturb his recumbent partner. Rubbing his eyes, he looked around, trying to figure out the cause of his harsh crash into reality. 

Their bedroom was undisturbed, windows shut tight against the cold. He waited for a knock on the door, but nothing happened. Shrugging and not particularly pleased about the turn of events, he lay back down, scooting in more closely next to Erestor, who lay on his back besides him on the bed, dark hair spread out, the picture of peaceful slumber.  

His eyes had drifted shut and his breath had started to even when he heard it again. He opened his eyes, looking over at Erestor in shock. It came from him! He waited a moment, and sure enough, he heard it again.  

Glorfindel, eyes wide, shook the slim shoulder and woke him up. 

“What? What’s going on?” A groggy voice greeted him, Erestor disliked waking up more than he did.  

“Restor, are you all right?” he asked, worried.  

Erestor blinked at him, his eyes big and sleep-soft, but he was quickly waking up and gaining awareness of his surroundings with fast growing irritation. “Glor, what are you going on about? I am fine, or was before you woke me – what the hell is the matter?”

“You were…making a noise in your sleep. It was loud and…strange.” 

“A noise? What kind of noise?” 

“Came from your nose and mouth and it….almost sounded like purring? Loud purring.” Glorfindel racked his brain for words to describe it, but that was all he was coming up with, and oddly enough, it seemed the most accurate. Purring. Like a great, big, gorgeous cat. 

Erestor was in the middle of stretching when he said that, and he stopped and stared at the blonde. “Surely you aren’t saying what I think you are?” 

He was met with silence, and, exasperated, Erestor growled at him. 

“Glorfindel, I do not snore!!!”  




Beta: Keiliss

AN: Written for Zhie's Midwinter swap.