The First Time

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The First Time


In the land of Valinor in a house set on the beach there lived two elves, fair, tall and strong. Nighttime found them in their bedroom in front of a fire built to ward off the chill of the season. Under the glow of the firelight, the blonde’s hair turned into gold and his tanned skin looked even more inviting, as the brunette discovered when Glorfindel turned toward him and gave him the full affect of his smile.

Glorfindel leaned in towards Gil-galad, who slid an arm around him instinctually, pulling him close even before he was asked, “Do you remember the first time?”

“Which one?” Gil-galad raised an eyebrow, unsure of where this was going, but by now he was quite used to the blonde’s quirks. “We’ve had a great many firsts.”

“When you met me at the docks. First time I saw you after…” Glorfindel trailed off, his smile faltering.

“…after we were parted.” Gil-galad picked up where he left off, knowing well the sense of something that was almost beyond words. Separation by death and Glorfindel being reborn and sent back to Arda - after all of that, he’d never forget their reunion. “Yes, of course I do.”

He would have stopped there, but something prompted him to continue. Glorfindel didn’t tend to raise something without some meaning behind it, and he had a feeling it wouldn’t hurt to go along with it - could lead to more than cuddling, after all, he thought with an inward grin.

“Well, we had received news of the ship a couple of weeks before it was due to arrive. You were amazed at how fast gossip travels around here? Anything you’ve seen so far hasn’t compared to how fast that news spread amongst the families. Those last few weeks though – knowing you would be arriving soon? They were torture, seemed to go slower than all those years apart.”

“It was a very long time,” Glorfindel agreed, voice soft and eyes fixed on the fire. “A lot of life happened.”

“Yes. I know it did, I’ve heard your stories, when you need to talk. Remember you stepping off that boat though. You looked – just as I remembered. All that blonde hair, blue eyes…that smile. Never forgot your smile. And I saw it, when you picked me out of the crowd.”

“I’ve always been able to do that, Gil.” They shared a quiet look before Glorfindel added mischievously, “You did not beat my mother, however.”

“Yes, well, your mother is a force of nature. No one would beat her there, not even your father or brother. I dared not usurp her rightful place as the first person to welcome you home. You are such a mother’s boy, I’ve found,” he teased, though it quickly turned into a yelp when Glorfindel smacked him on the arm.

“I am not!” Glorfindel insisted automatically, before pausing and considering. “Well, maybe a little…”

Gil-galad grinned at the faint blush that rose with the admission. “Pretty hard to deny, love. And I was patient and waited – could afford to, have the rest of eternity and all of that, you know.”

“Didn’t bother you at all, waiting those extra minutes, did it?” he was asked, jestingly.

“My hands ached.” Gil-galad said simply. “To touch you, to make sure you were really there…”

He was surprised that, even after all this time, he recalled that ache with a pang. It must have showed, for he found his face being held tenderly between two long-fingered hands, and he looked into blue eyes, bright as the summer sky.

“I love you, Gil. So very much, and I’m here, I will always be here.”

Gil-galad closed his eyes, the words sinking in slowly and warming him from the inside out, like a good brandy. He opened them again and smiled. “I know. Hands just need the occasional reminder.”

“Only occasionally?” Glorfindel raised an eyebrow.

“Well, when you put it like that – plenty of times.”

“You won’t find me objecting. If you’d like, we can figure out something for your hands to do, right now.”

Gil-galad took him up on that offer gladly, and talk was passed over in favor of kisses, touches and love, always love.




Beta: Keiliss

AN: Written for Zhie's Midwinter swap.