What Happened Last Night?

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What Happened Last Night?


Erestor woke up slowly, his head pounding in a painful fashion. He tried to remember what he drank last night to cause a hangover the like of which he hadn't experienced in ages. The first thing he noticed was that the bed sank in strange places. Opening one eye slowly, he next realized the decor was quite different to the warm, vibrant colours he had painstakingly picked out for his own rooms.

He was just on the edge of moving past the fuzziness in his mind, when a large, tanned arm wrapped around his middle firmly and drew him back into a very warm embrace. Quicker than thought, Erestor elbowed the Elf in the stomach, hard, and then tried to break free of the tight grip while becoming aware of a string of loud curses from a familiar voice.

Pausing, Erestor tilted his head upwards, sharply reminded of how short he was in comparison to many Elves and looked into darkened blue eyes, which were slit with irritation before recognition settled in and they opened wide in shock. In a few seconds he absorbed the blonde hair, deliciously tousled and spilling over bare golden skin, before he was released hastily and they both scooted back on each side of the bed as far as they could go, though the bed wasn’t that big, so they couldn’t move far.

"What are you doing here?"

“I could ask the same of you, Glorfindel.” Erestor’s voice was curt, he was clearly trying to process exactly what went on here, but it was difficult to think with the headache and the strange surroundings. He was sure that he had gone to bed alone. He eyed the blonde across from him. Glorfindel and he had been friends for a very long time, but this was something he never expected to see, and for which he had no explanation. “First things first, where are we?”

“I think this is your room, but I’m not sure. The room that was assigned to me wasn’t like this,” Glorfindel said after giving a slow look around. Erestor blinked, finally remembering where he was. Gondor. He was part of the entourage that had accompanied Elrond to Arwen’s wedding.

“All right, next question – how did we end up here?”

Glorfindel looked dumbfounded at this, and Erestor sighed. How much had they had to drink anyway? It wasn’t supposed to be one big blur. He grasped at one small thread of memory. Oh god, did they really do that? He remembered slick skin sliding against skin and he looked over at the blonde.

“Did we do what I think we did?”

“Dear, we are naked in the same bed and it appears there are quite a few bottles on that table over there.”

Erestor turned, wincing slightly. Glorfindel had the grace to look abashed at that.

“I remember you coming to me after the wedding dinner, wanting to just talk,” the warrior offered, gathering the blanket around his waist a little closer. “You were upset. Something about Elrond?”

Erestor noted the small movement, but did nothing other than raising an eyebrow. “Ah yes, I saw him on the balcony - he looked so tired, so sad, Glor. And he wouldn’t talk to me; he just said he wanted to be alone. He’s losing Arwen forever, I didn’t think it was good for him to be alone like that…”

“Well that explains the discussion we had on fading. And Valinor. But I thought that was because that is our next step of the journey. You were nervous about that, I could tell. It’s probably the reason why there were all these bottles of wine.” There was definitely a twinkle in Glorfindel’s blue eyes at this, and Erestor felt the need to defend himself from the teasing.

“I didn’t have to urge you on to drink if I remember correctly. Though I will admit I always held my liquor better than you. It showed.” He kept his face completely clean of emotion, knowing that Glorfindel’s lightheadedness was a vulnerable area to probe.

“Are you insulting my bed skills? I don’t remember any complaints at the time. In fact, I recall a lot of ‘yes’ and ‘oh more please!’

Now Glorfindel had him at that, Erestor thought. Once the mining activities in his head had finished, the rest of the memories became clearer. It had been an amazing night. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was their own curiosity that had landed them in this situation. He remembered the kisses that started clumsily and hastily before melting into something slower, something more sensual.

Glorfindel’s hands on him; hands that wandered under clothes, brushing over his chest, tweaking his nipples and then cupping and spreading his cheeks. There had been a big scramble for oil, he hadn’t packed it, but they settled for the ever-useful hand salve. Erestor had held onto Glorfindel tightly as their bodies met and he remembered saying those words, and telling him in between kisses to thrust harder.

Erestor stopped himself, knowing that after a little while longer he’d embarrass himself again. Well, not like it doesn’t get worse than this in a way... “Er, Res?” Glorfindel’s voice broke through his thoughts and he opened eyes he didn’t know he had closed to focus on him. “I hate to interrupt, but I have to take a piss. Where…?”

“I think it’s just around the corner over there.” He pointed and smothered a chuckle as Glorfindel momentarily looked bewildered as he tried to work out how he was going to get up, seeing he would have to let go of the coverlet. He didn’t hide the confusion well enough.

“Glor, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before, obviously.”

Erestor received a wilt-wither look before the warrior shrugged and got up off of the bed, passing him. He twisted around slightly to admire Glorfindel while he was still in sight before getting out of bed himself and collecting up the clothing that had ended up in piles about the room. Slipping into a clean undershirt and leggings, Erestor had pulled out a brush to tackle his hair when Glorfindel returned.

“Thank you, much better now,” the blonde commented, picking up his own clothes as well. He grimaced in distaste at the thought of running around the palace wearing wrinkled day-old clothes, but it had to be done. “What are we going to do about this?”

There was a note of worry in Glorfindel’s voice that he couldn’t hide. They had been friends for the longest time, and worked well together – but this…this could change everything.

Carefully, Erestor considered his response before replying. “I’m not sure there’s anything to be done here. We are friends, aren’t we?”

“Yes, of course. This wouldn’t change that,” Glorfindel answered without hesitation, before pulling on his decorative robe. They had all dressed up in formal robes for the wedding which obviously made sneaking back into his own rooms that much harder.

“Would one night make us lovers? We’ve never really looked at each other like that before in all of this time and I don’t want our friendship to change. Surely if we were meant to be lovers we’d have done this sooner? Perhaps not needed all of the alcohol either…”

“Now, now, I’ve always found you attractive. And I know that you adore me…” Glorfindel snatched the brush from Erestor’s hand and started brushing his own hair, which had become quite tangled as the night had progressed. “And I know how you feel about Elrond,” he added, seriously. “I don’t want to come in between that, I never have.”

“No, I know that. Believe me, I really do. I honestly think…after all of this, maybe we should just stay friends? I don’t think we should follow down this path.”

“Yes, I agree. Though it was lovely as long as it lasted – all of one night?” Glorfindel teased, before leaning to give him a light kiss on the lips. Erestor kissed him back, resting a hand on the bright gold hair, before pulling back and smiling up at him. “I do hope you find someone, Glorfindel. You deserve someone as good as you.”

“Me? Oh, I will, eventually. Don’t worry about it. Now, seeing as I am beautiful again, I’m going to have to leave. Unless we want to give the elves here something to talk about to Valinor and beyond.” Glorfindel rolled his eyes, giving Erestor one last hug before starting to walk away.

“Oh, Glorfindel?”

“What?” He was already half way out the door at this point, but he turned around to look back at Erestor, who grinned mischievously and commented,

“You’ve got a nice ass.”

“Thank you.” The warrior’s face was quite calm, but when he continued walking, he added another slight wiggle just for Erestor’s benefit, knowing he was watching.

“Get out of here!” Elrond’s chief advisor said, laughing loudly and shaking his head. He wasn’t sure if he should be afraid of life in Valinor or if Valinor should rather be afraid of them.




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